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Chloë van Diepen is a visual artist recently graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, where she spread and performed her first self-published short prose — In a moment, for a moment, we will be in the same room. In the meantime, you are reading perhaps somewhere at home. At the moment she lives and works in The Hague where she aspires to continue her writings.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 Graduation festival, The Hague, Royal Academy of Arts, NL
2018 Nokia’s Tagline, The Hague, MOOOF NL
2017 Caramelo, The Gray Space In The Middle, The Hague, NL

2016 – 2018 KABK, BA Fine Arts, The Hague, NL
2013 – 2016 KABK, BA Photography, The Hague, NL
2013 – 2013 KWIC, Media, Art & Performance, Den Bosch, NL

Workshops and internship
2016 february/june internship with Sjoerd Knibbeler
2016-2017 october/january workshop, Writing art by Janneke Wesseling, Liesbeth Fit and guest tutors.
2018 july upcoming workshop, Writing Camp by DAS MAG publisher.

2018 The Protagonist, self-published, prose, edition of 50
2018 Fragment, short prose, edition of 1200